The Bleeding Whispers

9 04 2008

Let my tears tell the story of endless love

Let my heart weep with memories

Let my heart bleed with the roses thorns

Let my soul cry

Could a broken heart be mended

I don’t think so

Nothing can heal wounds of love

Love moments evaporate quickly

But wounds are engraved in my heart




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9 04 2008

Don’t be Sad

cheer up

Life is beautiful ,and love also

9 04 2008

If life is darkness how I can see the beauty and find the love….
People like me not meant to be loved …
I’m glad to see you here Fatosha …

11 09 2008

the life still have you…….be good

27 09 2008

Dear Warda thank you for passing by…
I’m ver glad you are here …

14 02 2009


14 02 2009

layko 3amlole add 3a emaile w 3atone ach3ar plizz ok

hey mach mehr add und gib me ding was oky

14 02 2009

Welcome Ahmad you will find most of what I”m writing here

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